Welcome to Misty Moments Photography!

I am: a wife. mother. sister. daughter. friend. follower of Jesus. lover of football. master of the Keurig.

Using one word, I'd describe my style of photography as: JOYFUL.

But its purpose? YOU. My ultimate purpose isto capture the essence of those I photograph, so that when someone looks at a photograph, they see the soul of the subject, the emotion of the moment, the very best qualities in that person they are looking at! I'm there to tell your story, not just take a picture.

My desire is to capture you, your family, your children...at this moment in life, as YOU are. Most of my shooting involves chasing around the kiddos, laughing with a high school senior down in a ditch somewhere, crying with a mom as she sees her kiddos all grown up, or clicking away from afar as you have a special moment with your beloved. I strive to capture those real moments...the real YOU.

I love what I do, and I’m grateful every day that I get to work with the world’s most fantastic clients.

Enjoy your day!